Volunteer Opportunities

VARS needs your help!

Although there are exciting times ahead for the ex HMAS Canberra project, there is much to be done. Some of the tasks we envisage VARS volunteers being involved with include:

  • Ship Preparation
    • Form a working group to liaise with DMO, the successful warship preparation contractor and Canadian Artificial Reef Consulting.
    • Procure/create plans for the vessel.
    • Develop a set of dive plans and get appropriate signs/markers placed on the vessel.
  • Site Management
    • Remain active in lobbying for our preferred site location.
    • Develop a preferred site management plan, including diving guidelines.
    • Develop a preferred site preservation plan.
    • Liaise with appointed site manager.
  • Artifact Management
    • Arrange for selected artifacts to be removed and shipped to Victoria.
    • Major artifacts to become memorial sites.
    • Distribute smaller artifacts to dive shops, tourism centres, historical societies etc.
  • Fund Raising
    • Membership drive.
    • Seek sponsorship.
    • Seek grants/allocations from government.
    • Sell some artifacts.
    • Develop dive site related items for sale (e.g. T-shirts, dive site maps etc.)
    • Arrange for name plates to be fixed to the vessel and sell space of the name plates.
  • Memberships/Volunteers
    • Develop membership package.
    • Recruit members and volunteers.
    • Administration.
    • Newsletter / Communications programme.
    • Plan and manage the work programmes.
  • Marketing / Promotion
    • Form marketing strategy.
    • Liaise with industry / tourism businesses.
    • Work with tourism authorities.
    • Develop media programme.
    • Maintain/develop we sites.
    • Build/maintain database of dive site information.
    • Build/maintain database of dive operators, dive shops, tourism operators etc.
    • Documentary of preparation and scuttling.
    • Develop promotional DVD for diving the site.
  • Education / Research
    • Develop educational materials about artificial reefs.
    • Promote the artificial reef as a unique education/research opportunity.
    • Develop and manage an ongoing programme of artificial reef monitoring and research.
  • Events
    • Organise arrival and scuttling celebrations.
    • Arrange any special events.

To find out more about VARS volunteer opportunities please Contact Us. Also, if you want to volunteer but aren't quite sure how you can best help us, please contact us. We've got lots of work to do on a wide variety of tasks.

Or, just fill out and send in the Volunteer Application and we will get you started immediately!
VARS Volunteer Application (Adobe PDF | 97.8 KB)

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