Wednesday, 12 September 2007: VARS Annual General Meeting

VARS AGM 2007 The inaugural VARS Annual General Meeting was held at 8:00 pm on Tuesday, 11th September 2007 at The Bells Hotel, South Melbourne.

Approximately 25 VARS members attended, with many having dinner together before the meeting began.

John Lawler read and tabled the President's Report.
Mick Jeacle read and tabled the Financial Report.
(View/download the VARS Annual Report 2007 (Adobe PDF | 426.51 KB))

Both of the motions for changes to the VARS Rules were passed unanimously.
(View/download the VARS AGM 2007 Special Business Motions (Adobe PDF | 25 KB))

The 2007–2008 VARS committee was elected as follows:
President - John Lawler
Vice President - Mike Reed
Secretary - Alan Storen
Treasurer - Mick Jeacle
General Committee Members - Alan Beckhurst, Warrick McDonald, Bryan McGoldrick, Jason Salter
(Full committee details)

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