About VARS

Let's sink the ex HMAS Canberra in Victoria!

Victorian Artificial Reef Society logoThe Victorian Artificial Reef Society (VARS) is a non-profit, dive community group which was formed early in 2006 with the objective to secure, prepare, position and scuttle the ex HMAS Canberra as an artificial reef and wreck dive location in Victorian waters. VARS worked with the Federal and State Governments and their agencies to make this happen.

All major groups in the Victorian Scuba Diving Industry, plus the Victorian sport diving clubs, have recognised VARS as their voice on all matters relating to official Artificial Reefs in Victorian waters and are completely in support of the project.

Please see the Sink the Canberra web page for up-to-date information about the progress of the project.

Who is VARS?

The original core members of the VARS team are a mixture of private scuba divers, members of scuba diving clubs and professionals in the scuba diving industry of Victoria. The VARS Committee members all worked hard to secure the ex HMAS Canberra for Victoria.

Since its inception, many other private divers and dive industry professional have joined VARS to supports its efforts. Diving organisations working through VARS include:


For a $50 joining fee, you can become a VARS member and help us to secure, prepare, position, sink and dive artificial reefs in Victoria.
VARS Membership Form (Adobe PDF | 74.57 KB)

Volunteer Today

Whether you are a VARS member or not, you can Volunteer Today and help us with the many tasks which need to be completed. We have plenty of Volunteer Opportunities, whatever your skills, experience or interests.

Or, just fill out and send in the Volunteer Application and we will get you started immediately!
VARS Volunteer Application (Adobe PDF | 97.8 KB)

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